quality vinegars with love

a family tradition

our story

Artemis Ltd is a family run company founded and established in 1940 in Limassol, Cyprus by Phedeas
Anogyriatis. The company produces and bottles 100% Cypriot high-quality vinegars. In 1976, Ioannis
Anogyriatis, Phedias’ son took over the direction of the company.
The last decay, the company is being run by Marinos Anogyriattis, Pheidia’s grandson, who has
successfully expanded the company itself, as well as the production by producing new types of
quality vinegars, using modern and high tech equipment.
Through a dynamic development over 80 years the company now belongs to the big names in the
business and continues its dynamic course armed with modern technology, innovative culture and
prestige of tradition. The company launched its products in the Cypriot market while at the same
time produces vinegar on behalf of franchise supermarkets using other brand names. In addition,
Artemis has extended its trade to overseas with a choice of selective products. From 2005 until
today, the company introduced a series of other products to satisfy and meet the customers
expectations. The variety of products are made of natural and pure made-in-Cyprus ingredients, at
the company’s own factory. Artemis Ltd is engaged to produce state of the art goods by using high-
tech equipment and emphasising on staying up to date with the latest developments. The company
complies with the international quality standards and ensures the excellence and value of its

Perfect balance of taste and texture.